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Sorry, but no updates will be done on this site from now on. I decided to put all my efforts on the Swedish site. You'll find a translation tool on the right hand side, Translate this site / Traducir esta Página (powered by Google) or you can use the links below. You may have a good laugh since the translations sometimes mess it up, but I'm sure you will find a lot more to read this way:

Sorry for any inconvience!

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23/09/2008: The start page was updated, since ETA killed a military in Cantabria.

07/03/2008: The start page was updated, since ETA returned using violence and killed a young ex-socialist politician.

05/02/2007: The start page is updated once again, since the the other policeman in Saturdays terrorist attack died in hospital.

01/12/2007: The start page was updated, ETA has shot a policeman to death in France.

15/03/2007: After constantly being exposed to people that do not respect the copyright on the domain, I have decided to blacklist sites that hotlinks to images or are using copyright protected material without permission..

05/01/2007: The start page is updated once again, since the other missing Ecuadorian was found dead early this morning.

04/01/2007: The start page is unfortunately updated since ETA broke the cease fire with a car bomb attack on December 30, 2006 at Barajas International Airport, Madrid. One of the two missing Ecuadorians was found dead yesterday.

06/07/2006: An improved "Printer friendly" script was added to almost all pages. Also a clickable "send this page to a Friend" has been inserted.

05/07/2006: New photos added on the recipe pages: Tortilla española and Garlic shrimp.

16/02/2006: I'm currently removing the counters from Webstats4U-nedstat since the service seems to generate unwanted popups.

08/02/2006: The site has moved to a new server with more possibilities and flexible solutions.

14/11/2005: A new desert recipe added, Crema Catalana.

17/03/2005: The complete site has been rewritten from scratch in XHTML and the navigation in frames is removed. I hope you like the result.

30/01/2005: Net result from the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar added. (In Swedish and Spanish - site opens in a new window).

29/01/2005: A new recipe added, Spanish Flan de Huevos - Caramel Custard.

09/01/2005: The photopages on the Camino de Santiago has been redesigned and some new photos are added. Welcome! (Opens in a new window)

28/10/2004: Welcome to the new guestbook! Please feel free to tell me what you think!

This is a guestbook without ads, I hope you like it better. From now on the guestbook is shared between the far more developed Swedish Site and the English (Sorry, you Englishspeaking guys).

24/10/2004: I'm trying my best to remove all free services generating popups and ads. Today I have removed a link page with Spanish links from Bravenet and replaced it with a new. Please feel free to add your Spanish link. Sites that are not relevant to Spain or pages linking to pornography or illegal activities will be removed!

07/10/2004: I'm currently doing a mayor cleanup on the site, removing counters that are producing spyware cookies etc.

08/02/2003: New ETA-attack! The start page unfortunately updated.

10/01/2003: I have been going through different pages and done an update on the startpage, hopefully I will add more recipes soon.

07/07/2002: ¡Viva San Fermín! Time again for the bull-runs in Pamplona. The Start page was updated with links to this great Fiesta. I'm not an aficionado (a big fan) myself, but I enjoy watching the runs at a secure distance at the television every morning at 8' o clock during 8 days. I also support the bulls, especially if they gore drunken tourists, who have no idea about the danger they expose themselves to.

02/07/2002: A search box was added on the start page. You can search for information on Spain at Typically Spanish. com. I also included a link to a Calendar about events in Spain. Thanks a lot Howard for letting me use it, I hope that you, dear visitor find the new features useful.

22/06/2002: The start page was updated: Two more explosions today, one in Mijas, the other in Santandér. ETA claims responsibility again.

21/06/2002: The start page was updated: At the same day as the inauguration of the EU-Top Meeting in Seville, ETA detonated three car bombs in three locations in Spain. Two bombs in Costa del Sol - in Fuengirola and Marbella. Later at night in Zaragoza. 9 people were injured.

25/03/2002: I have added an Easter Greeting to the start page, and also included some horrifying statistics of road accidents in Spain during Semana Santa.

15/03/2002: Finally my domain is back after it has been gone for three weeks. I wish earlier visitors (and new) welcome back!

08/02/2002: A banner has been added for linking to this site.

07/02/2002: The Scandinavian Christmas bazaar's income statement 2001 added.

04/02/2002: New tapas recipe: Artichoke hearts with ham

New article: Osborne - the bull. The history behind the logo on this site.

03/02/2002: A Site Map added

02/02/2002: New article: Wine battle in La Rioja.

01/28/2002: The whole site in English is going through a renovation... Please be patient, hopefully everything will look better soon.

01/23/2002: The English- and Spanish pages about El Camino de Santiago have been updated.

01/12/2002: New ETA-attack! - The start page updated


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