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A diffrent Spain
The purpose of this site is
to give some aspects and reflections on Spain
with information which you may not find in regular Travel Booklets.

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pil El Camino de Santiago
pil Conflict Analysis - ETA against Spain (only in Swedish)
pil A different Spain (that's were you are rignt now)
pil Globetrotters WebRing
pil Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar in Madrid (in Swedish & Spanish)
pil Beautiful flowers and plants
pil New York after September 11
pil Monicas Antivirus Site (only in Swedish)
pil Roses, roses, roses....
pil Cuba - a nostalgic trip (only in Swedish)

This site has been on different servers since the creation date and it has grown bit by bit.

The first pages were El Camino de Santiago in English. Its about the ancient Pilgrimage Route - The Way of Saint James, which stretches about 500 miles from Roncesvalles in northern Navarra on the border to France, to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia . They were made in Adobe PageMill on Mac and were published 10-18-1999 at

11-17-1999 I moved the pages to Fortunecity because I needed more space and access to ftp. At the same time the pages were translated to Swedish.

12-16-1999 El Camino de Santiago was published in Spanish. Agneta Danils and Agatha García helped me with the translation. Gracias!

In the end of February 2000 I upgraded to Adobe Golive and 03-07-2000 I published the Conflict Analysis ETA against Spain (only in Swedish). It's an essay I made when I studied at Uppsala University in Sweden 1997 (Distance studies).

06-30-2000 A different Spain in Swedish, Ett annorlunda Spanien, was created. My intentions were to gather the information about Spain in one place and at the same time publish more and "different" articles about this wonderful country. With some contributions from my friends the site got its framework. Thanks a lot! After that the site has developed bit by bit to where it is today.

07-13-2000 I started Globetrotters WebRing. I love to travel and enjoy surfing on different travelling sites. It therefore seemed fun to start a WebRing to join different sites about travel. 08-28-2003 I decided to delete the ring hosted by Bravenet since they have started to be more and more aggressive with popup-ads and redirects.
Visit the link above to visit the new version of the WebRing, hosted at my domain.

In the beginning of 2001 all the pages were transferred to the present domain due to constant server problems at Fortunecity. Furthermore I was fed up with the increasingly pushy publicity and popup-windows.

03-03-2001 the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar's homepage was published (only in Swedish and Spanish). This time on pc and in Frontpage. I bought a laptop in May 2000 and it is the best thing I ever have done :-) The rest of the site was still on Mac until June 2001 when I bought Dreamweaver. I'm a lazy person and it's a lot easier when you don't have to write all the code yourself, however I'm not very fond of Frontpage! The Scandinavian Christmas bazaar's homepage isn't "mine", it belongs to "las Damas Escandinavas" in Madrid. There are many Scandinavian Women working all year around for the bazaar and this homepage is my contribution to the bazaar.

08-05-2001 I started with a translation of "Ett annorlunda Spanien" - A different Spain to English. It is were you are right now. It's a job that seems to last forever. Hopefully one day its done... At the same time I would like to take the opportunity and apologize for my poor English. After 12 years in Spain all that pops up in my head is Spanish. If you have any corrections to make or suggestions, please mail me. I would really appreciate it!

The Index page has been under construction until November 2001. I made the logo a long time ago when I worked with Desktop Publishing. My plans were to start my own business, but so far nothing has happened. This site is, in other words, private, but who knows what the future will bring.

Since I enjoy taking photographs. I have also worked on a freelance basis as a photographer, I published two photo pages in November 2001; New York after September 11. It was quite a traumatic experience to visit "The big Apple" after the attack. I gathered some old photos and combined them with the new, taken less then a month after the terrorism crime. Beautiful flowers and plants, yes, I enjoy "grovel" on the ground taking photos ;-)

04-10-2003 I started a small project which is growing day by day: Monicas Antivirus Site (only in Swedish). In April the same year I was bombarded with the Ganda-worm, the worm also sent out infected mail in my name. One of my mail accounts reached its limit in no time over and over and I received tons of imprudent mails accusing me of sending out the worm. The idea behind the site is to give information and useful ideas of how to protect your computer from all the rubbish on the Internet. 30-09-2004 I moved the site to a different location.

09-30-2003: I made a new photo page. Roses, roses, roses...
All photos are taken in our garden in Madrid, Spain in the end of September 2003.

01-21-2004: After a week in Cuba during X-mas 2003 I made a new travelpage with photos and i diary. Cuba - a nostalgic tripp- (only in Swedish).

02-12-2006: The domain moved to another server with better posibilities. The address has changed to A different Spain.


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